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Welcome Package

Welcome Package

150% up to 1000 AUD
+100 Free Spins
Wolf Gold
Wolf Gold
41,842 AUD 146
Where's The Gold
Where's The Gold
43,854 AUD 144
15 Dragon Pearls
15 Dragon Pearls
33,340 AUD 126
37,047 AUD 145
Magic Apple
Magic Apple
30,052 AUD 114
5 Dragons
5 Dragons
49,856 AUD 137
Wild Wild West
Wild Wild West
29,576 AUD 119
Queen of the Nile
Queen of the Nile
39,736 AUD 132
32,731 AUD 118
Big Red
Big Red
23,578 AUD 100
Lucky 88
Lucky 88
35,954 AUD 121
Buddha Fortune
Buddha Fortune
21,634 AUD 95
Diamond Strike
Diamond Strike
30,048 AUD 94
Caishen's Gold
Caishen's Gold
25,335 AUD 95
Sun of Egypt 2
Sun of Egypt 2
21,307 AUD 100
Pyramid King
Pyramid King
19,380 AUD 83
Gonzo’s Quest
Gonzo’s Quest
19,699 AUD 93
Blood Suckers
Blood Suckers
19,668 AUD 98
Dolphin's Treasure
Dolphin's Treasure
14,208 AUD 81
Sun of Egypt
Sun of Egypt
16,369 AUD 81
Pelican Pete
Pelican Pete
25,361 AUD 81
10,690 AUD 70
Lucky New Year
Lucky New Year
16,017 AUD 72
Choy Sun Doa
Choy Sun Doa
13,366 AUD 74
Break Da Bank
Break Da Bank
9,031 AUD 61
50 Lions
50 Lions
8,326 AUD 54
Queen of the Nile 2
Queen of the Nile 2
32,813 AUD 72
Buffalo King
Buffalo King
6,793 AUD 51
Chilli Heat
Chilli Heat
5,717 AUD 49
Finn & the Swirly Spin
Finn & the Swirly Spin
4,998 AUD 45



2022's Top Online Casino Games in Australia

Online gambling has become an integral part of our lives in 2022. With a computer/laptop, or a mobile phone, you may play at any time and place — in the comfort of your home or cafe, day or night.

There are different casino games you can play: slot machines, table games, and lotteries available to all players at most web casinos in Australia. Sometimes you don’t even have to create a casino account to play your favourite casino games. All you need is a desktop or any mobile device and a stable Internet connection.

In this article, we have collected the most popular casino games, banking options, and tips on how to start playing for real money at Pokiesurf.

Popular game types Pokiesurf

All casino games fall into four categories: slots (or pokies), table games, random number games, and live dealer games. The latter are the following: roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, wheel games, dice games, bingo, and lottery.

When choosing which casino game to play, consider a house edge — a mathematical advantage a casino has over you.

While the lowest house edge is in Blackjack and Baccarat — 1,5%, the house edge in slots varies from 1% to 15%.

If you want to have fun, choose casino games with any house edge. If you aim at earning money, we recommend choosing the lowest house edge.


Craps is a dice game in which a gambler has to bet on the final result of the dice roll. In short, gamblers can play against each other or a bank. If a gambler chooses to play against other players, they must take turns rolling dice. A person rolling the dice is “the shooter”.

A shooter should place a bet either on the “Pass” line and/or the “Don’t Pass” line. These lines are sometimes called “Right” and “Wrong” bets. The casino game is played in rounds. This is why “Right” or “Wrong” bets are valid during one round only.

A player’s first roll is called a “come-out roll”. If a come-out roll lands 7 or 11, a player wins. This roll is known as “natural”. Any bets a player places on the “Pass” line win, while bets on “Don’t Pass” lose.


Baccarat (or baccara) is a card game you can play at most land-based and virtual casinos. It is very dynamic and full of suspense.

The casino game is played between the player and the banker.

Baccarat has three possible outcomes: a player wins, a banker wins, or a tie.

The casino game starts with a dealer dealing out the two cards face up for the player and banker. Whichever hand totals closest to nine — wins.

Players in the game may bet on two hands — the player’s or banker’s before the cards are dealt.

It is essential to know the value of each card before playing. In Baccarat, Tens and face cards are worth zero, while other cards have their face value except the ace. It is worth one point — a hand closest to nine wins.

Let’s imagine: a player’s hand value is 4 and 5, while the banker’s — J and 8. A player’s total hand value is 9, while the banker’s — is 8. A player wins.


Easy to learn but hard to play, Poker is another popular casino game in Australia. In the Pokiesurf casino, you will find several variations of this casino game (including much-loved Texas Hold’em).

To play the game, you should learn the basics — ten 5-card hands and their ranking. Here they are from the highest to lowest:

  1. Royal Flush — A, K, Q, J, 10, of the same suit.
  2. Straight Flush — five cards in a sequence, all of the same suit.
  3. Four of a kind — four cards of the same rank.
  4. Full house — three matching cards.
  5. Flush — any five cards of the same suit, but not in sequence.
  6. Straight — five cards of consecutive rank, but not of the same suit.
  7. Three of a kind — three cards of the same rank.
  8. Two Pair — Two cards of the same rank and three unmatched cards.

If two players have identical hands, the hand with the higher-ranking cards wins.

Live Dealer

Live Dealer mode is not available at all web casinos in Australia as it is expensive. Players access live dealer games via a video stream from a land-based casino or a studio.

Not all casino games make sense to have a live dealer. For example, it is senseless when it comes to pokies.

Meanwhile, software companies have done their best to provide as many casino games as possible. The list is not very long, but players will have a lot of choices: Blackjack, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Roulette, and Three-Card Poker.


Australian casinos have 20% of the world’s gaming machines. Online slots (or pokies in Australia) are most gamblers' favourite casino games they can play at almost all web casinos. Firstly, there are no rules: just click the “Autoplay” button and wait for a combination of symbols to land.

Traditionally, slots had three reels and one payline to play with. But with the new technologies and increasing growth of online casinos, slots have become a more entertaining and, of course, advanced game to play for free or for real money: now you can play 5-, 6-, and even 7-reel pokies with 4096 ways to win. Today’s pokies have different themes: animals, sports, travelling, pop culture, books, and music.

Now people come to web casinos not only to raise some money but also to have fun. That is why there are so many demo versions of popular slots on the web.

While land-based casinos offer one option — to play for real money, gambling platforms have analysed the needs of the players, and now they house demonstrative versions of almost every slot, even by not very famous software providers.

The 21st century has brought us more progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah, Age of the Gods, and Leprechaun’s Luck.

Both land-based and online casinos may place the same progressive slot with one pool, meaning that a player at a web casino has the same chances to hit a jackpot as a gambler in the land-based casino.


Devised in the 17th century, Roulette keeps surprising casino-goers all over the world.

On the one hand, the casino game is easy to understand as it has pretty simple rules. On the other hand, it offers a difficulty level for professional punters.

Roulette stands for French “little wheel”. If you play French Roulette, you will find 36 numbers and a 0 on the wheel.

A player’s task is to guess the number or type of pocket on which the ball will land.

There are two types of bets to do this. The first one is called “inside” bets. In short, these are the bets placed on specific numbers, which increase the odds of winning. The other type of bet is known as “outside” bets. They refer to the outside of the number map. There are several “outside” bets:

  • Colour betting (red or black);
  • Even or odd betting;
  • Column or betting on 12 numbers;
  • Dozen betting;
  • High or low bets.

You should understand that at every table, a casino has the edge over you. All bets in the game, whatever form it is, are paid at odds that would be true only if there were 36 numbers on the wheel.


Unlike slots which do not require skills to play and win, Blackjack (aka 21) is not a game of pure chance. You need to develop and master skills to play well and compete with a dealer.

The casino game uses a 52-card deck. Each card has its own value: the cards from 1 to 10 have the same value as their number. Ace counts as 1 or 11. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10 points.

A player’s goal is to beat the dealer’s hand by getting 21 or as close to that number as possible without exceeding it.

When the cards are dealt, the first thing a blackjack player should do is to decide whether to “stand” (don’t take a card, waiting for the dealer to bust) or “hit” (take a high risk of exceeding 21 by taking another card).

While playing blackjack, you will find a few extra options. Here they are:

  • Double Down — after the first deal, a player may double the bet. You should do it if you are sure your hand will beat the dealer’s one. As soon as you choose this option, your bet size will be doubled, and you will get one more card.
  • Split — if you have two cards of the same value, the “Split” option appears. You can split the cards into two hands. It means you have to finish playing separately (until you stand or bust) and then go on with the other hand.
  • Insurance — is a protection from the dealer having blackjack. If the dealer’s card is ace, Blackjack insurance odds pay out at 2/1. We do not recommend you taking insurance if you can't count cards.
  • Surrender — once you figure out your hand’s value is higher than the dealer's, you can “fold” your hand and get back half of the bet, while the casino will receive another half.

Video Poker

Video poker is another casino game of chance you can play at land-based and online casinos. The game is based on five-card draw poker — the most common version of poker to play.

Video poker offers higher odds of winning compared to other casino games.

Like regular poker, video poker is pretty simple: it has the same winning hands such as royal flush, straight, full house, flush, four of a kind, three of a kind, and two pair.

To play and win, you should learn the basics — tap on the cards you want to keep and draw the cards you wish to replace.

On the screen, you will find buttons significant to understand before playing. Here they are:

  • Paytable: it shows how much each hand in poker is worth. By clicking on the “Paytable” button, you will open the list containing all the winning hands starting from the highest-paying — Royal Flush.
  • Credit total: this information is under the card area. It shows how many credits are left.
  • Display area: this area is under the paytable. In short, it is the place where you receive cards.
  • Deal/draw button: on the right side of the keyboard, there is the deal/draw button. After each hand, you should hit the button for the next hand to be dealt. If you want to hold the cards received after selecting, click the button again to draw replacement cards. If you have a winning hand, you will get the appropriate number of credits to your casino wallet.
  • Hold buttons: there are hold buttons at the bottom of the screen. If you want to hold a particular card in your hand, click the corresponding button.
  • Cash-out button: it is the first button on the left side of the keyboard. As soon as you have finished playing the game, press it to see your balance.


Keno is another casino game of chance you can play at most web casinos. If you don’t want to risk too much, keno is the perfect game to play.

Keno is similar to lotteries and Bingo: a player should pick numbers from 1 to 80 in a keno card or a keno machine. The outcome depends on how many of your guesses match the choice provided by RNG (Random Number Generator).

Real Money vs Free Games

In the Pokiesurf casino, you may play real money and free casino games. If you are a newcomer or see games as a form of entertainment only, play demonstrative versions.

Demos are particularly popular with slot fans as almost all pokies come with a free version allowing gamblers to see the symbols and bonus features without risking at all.

Firstly, it is an excellent way to practice before going big. Secondly, it is risk-free: you don’t have to deposit money to play the game. The same applies to card and table games.


Free Games

Real Money Games

You may play without risking money

You may get huge payouts

You can choose any game you want

You can claim generous bonuses (like welcome, deposit, or even no deposit ones)

You can practice before going big

You have to sign up and share some details (name, surname, and email) with an online casino 

You can check online casinos and choose a legitimate one before playing for real money

You can take part in slot tournaments and get cash prizes

You can understand the game mechanics better

You can play live dealer games

You don’t have to register and make a deposit

You can become a loyal player and get VIP rewards

How to start playing top casino for real money games in Australia?

Once you decide to play for real money, you have to find a legitimate virtual casino and create an account. There are five general steps that you should take, namely:

  • Find the top-rated casino;
  • Register at the casino;
  • Deposit some funds;
  • Find and play a particular game;
  • Provide feedback.

The most significant thing is to be attentive and not bet more than you can afford to lose.

Find the best casino

The first thing you should check when starting to play at an online casino — a casino licence information. A web casino must provide a document confirming a valid licence. The information on the gambling platform is not enough to consider a casino legitimate.

Also, reading reviews by other gamblers who play and win would be nice too. Firstly, you will avoid fraudulent websites which aim at stealing your money and walking away.

One more significant thing you should check before signing up is available casino games and banking methods. A top web casino houses hundreds of slots 3- and 5-reel alike and different table games to play for free or real money. It would not go amiss to check whether a chosen gambling platform offers live dealer games. Most casinos can’t afford to hire professional croupiers and rent a studio for live streaming as it is expensive. If a casino can offer this option, it speaks volumes about its reputation.

Top online casinos must provide all possible banking methods (from a credit card to cryptocurrency). If there are a few deposit and withdrawal methods, look for another casino to play games.

Last but not least, consider a casino design. It should be appealing. Try to avoid websites with too bright and fussy layouts. Sometimes they may be top casinos’ copycats.

Register at the casino

When you play free casino games, there is no need to sign up. Once you decide to play for real money, you should create a casino account (whether you like it or not).

As soon as you find a legitimate gambling platform, sign up and verify your account. Most online casinos may require you to send a photo of any document (ID card, passport, or drivers licence). Only then can you play games and claim bonuses.

Deposit some funds

Once you have confirmed the registration, make a deposit using one of the available deposit methods (credit, debit, or prepaid cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency), and claim a welcome bonus. Typically, top online casinos offer a good number of free spins and bonus credits on the first, second, third, and fourth deposits.

Find And Play A Game

As we mentioned above, a casino needs to have different casino games (slots, table games, and lotteries) in the collection. The Pokiesurf casino houses hundreds of online pokies by top software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Aristocrat, Pragmatic Play, and numerous others.

As soon as you find a casino game you want to play, decide whether to play it for free or for real money. Pokiesurf offers demonstrative versions of every slot game on the website. So, you can play a free game and then move on to real money versions.

Provide feedback

Once you stop playing, give feedback regarding casino games, banking methods, and customer support. If you don’t like the layout, games or customer support, mention it in your review or private comment. Don’t be too negative. Try to be problem-focused. Even top online casinos have problems. Aim at helping a gambling platform to improve some things. That’s why it is essential to come with a deep level of empathy.

You may have an excellent experience playing casino games and do not face any kind of issues. It would be nice to leave a good comment or write a review highlighting the positive sides of gambling at a casino.

A good or bad review will help new players to start their gambling journey. If a casino delivers a top-notch quality of games, has all possible banking methods, and pays out on time, it will be a reliable platform for other gamblers to play and raise money.

Find out best bonuses for real money casino game

If you play free casino games, there are no bonuses guaranteed. As soon as you start playing for real money, a casino grants several freebies for the registration and/or making the first deposit.

A welcome bonus is the most common form of a casino promotion that varies from one casino to another.

Typically, a welcome package (aka sign-up bonus) comes in the form of free spins and casino credits you can spend on pokies and some table games.

For example, the Pokiesurf casino gives newcomers a 150% match-up bonus of up to 1000 dollars + 20 free spins each day for five days.

Another bonus meant not only for newcomers but for experienced gamblers as well is a no deposit one. Have you ever dreamt of playing casino games with no deposit made? If so, a no deposit offer is what you are looking for. The considerable advantage of a no deposit bonus is that it does not require you to risk at all. However, it is not all rosy: once you decide to cash out, you will face so-called “necessary evil” — a wagering requirement you have to fulfil. Another disadvantage of a no deposit bonus is a limited selection of eligible games. As a rule, these are unpopular slots or low-RTP pokies.

One more freebie popular with both experienced gamblers and beginners is a no-wagering bonus. Like any other casino bonuses, a deposit comes in the form of free spins and/or free casino credits. But unlike other promotions, no wagering bonuses come with no wagering requirements to satisfy. Be wary, though. Some web casinos may be not as transparent as other gambling platforms about the bonus terms. That is why it is essential to learn the terms and conditions thoroughly before claiming the bonus.

Best payment methods for real money casino games

Once you have started gambling, you should find out what payment methods (with which you will make deposits and withdrawals) are available at an online casino. The most common banking methods you will probably find at almost every online casino are credit/debit and prepaid cards and cryptocurrency.


VISA is probably one of the top financial operators popular worldwide. It is the go-to banking method a player can find. Besides, top web casinos accept VISA. It makes this card one of the most commonly used banking methods.

The transactions made by VISA are highly encrypted and fast. There are many credit financial operators available in Australian casinos, but VISA remains unbeatable in terms of convenience and accessibility.

The big advantage of VISA is that both deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly. Plus, there are no fees charged, or the sum is small. Bear in mind that every web casino sets fees itself. So, it would be wise of you to check the information about it  beforehand.

Most players are worried about the safety of transactions when it comes to deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. VISA is the safest banking method as it uses VISA Advanced Authorization — a comprehensive tool that evaluates VISANet authorizations in real-time, identifying emerging fraud attacks and trends.


MasterCard is a globally known electronic payment card widely used as a deposit and withdrawal method at virtual casinos.

The company has rightly deserved its place in the industry. Not only does it provide the highest level of encryption of transactions, but it is also accepted at most web casinos in Australia.

There are hundreds of top Mastercard casinos on the web, meaning it won’t be challenging to find the top one.

Once you have found it, you will probably want to sign up and start depositing. Take your time. There are some things to consider before creating an account and using Mastercard as a deposit or withdrawal method:

  • Minimum Deposit;
  • Fees;
  • Max Payout Limit.

Finally, check whether a Mastercard casino is licensed by third-party authorities and uses SSL or TLS encryption protocols. These are the most reliable ways to protect players’ sensitive data.


Bitcoin is one of the most popular digital currencies used as a deposit and withdrawal banking methods at online casinos.

There are many crypto gambling platforms on the web, and Bitcoin ones are probably the most popular. Typically, most Bitcoin casinos charge no fees. Besides, the considerable advantage of such gambling platforms is that they have no bank or other governing body controlling transactions. Plus, there are no limitations imposed on the exchange of Bitcoin, which makes it completely free.

Gambling with Bitcoin is much faster and safer than with any other banking method (for example, a credit or debit card).

This method implies the complete anonymity of gamblers’ data and transaction details.

Even though Bitcoin casinos are relatively new, they maintain a top-notch quality and transparent system.


Ethereum is cryptocurrency used as a banking method at web casinos.

It was designed to be safe and decentralised. Ethereum is as popular as Bitcoin. That is why you can find plenty of Ethereum casinos on the net. Ethereum is powered by blockchain technology: it supports smart contracts.

If you want to use Ethereum as a deposit method, take the following steps:

  1. Select an Ethereum wallet;
  2. Buy Ether at an Exchange;
  3. Create an account and make the first deposit;

If you want to make a withdrawal, clear the crypto bonus, go to the Cashier section and click “Make a withdrawal”, get payouts, and enjoy winnings.


USDT (aka Tether) is a cryptocurrency stable coin (the price is pegged to specific fiat money). Now Tether is the third-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You don’t have to input much information at Tether casinos. All you need to reveal is an email address. It will act as a source for verification.

Remember that your casino account must be approved and verified by the USDT team.

As soon as you are registered, make a deposit. Depositing is made through a bank account. Once the bank authorises the transfer, you will see the money available on the Tether platform.

Withdrawals are much faster and safer with Tether as it uses an optimised secure protocol. Before cashing out, make sure there are no fees charged. The sum may vary from one casino to another. So, check the information beforehand.

Casino game rules

We have already mentioned free casino games you can play at most casinos. Now we want to focus on casino game rules. We will take a closer look at how to play slots, blackjack, roulette, and craps.

Blackjack Rules

As you know, the objective of Blackjack is to beat the dealer. The only way to do this is to get as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding this number. Whether you play at land-based or online casinos, you should place a bet before the deal begins. A gambler should do this in a specific area on the screen or table.

Blackjack has a low house edge, so it can become even lower if you follow these tips:

  • Double Down on 10 or 11 unless the dealer gets an ace or a 10;
  • Stand with 17, hit with hard 11 or lower;
  • Don’t take insurance;
  • Split aces and 8s;
  • Never split 4s, 5s, or 10s;
  • Remember: side bets are not profitable;
  • If you lose, stop gambling.

By following these tips, you will probably be able to play well and win a lot. We also recommend learning the rules before gambling for real money.

Craps Rules

Craps is a dice game gamblers can play at both land-based and online casinos. Like other casino games, Craps has rounds with players who should take turns being the shooter and roll the dice. The casino game objective is to guess the dice value that will land.

The first roll is known as a “come-out roll”. Players have to make bets on it. They also should decide whether the dice will land on the Pass Bet (7 or 11) or the Don’t Pass bet (2, 3, or 12).

If the total dice value is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10, this number is called the “point”. The game continues until someone rolls 7.

Roulette Rules

Roulette is another casino game popular in Australia. As you know, the Roulette wheel has from 0 to 36 numbers: odd numbers are red, even — black. The objective is to bet on a specified number and/or colour on the Roulette wheel a ball may land. The rules of the casino game are pretty straightforward:

  • Place a bet in a designated area on the screen or table.
  • Understand the “inside” bets;
  • Learn the “outside” bets;
  • Find out your odds.

It may sound challenging, but you should spend some time practising before playing for real money.

Slots Rules

Slots are probably the most simple casino game with no rules to follow. To start with, you should decide whether to play real money or free casino games.

If you choose the latter, the first thing you should do is to make a deposit. If you are an unregistered user, sign up and verify your account.

As soon as you’ve done this, look for a slot you want to play. It may be a 3-, 5-, 6- or even 7-reel pokie.

Study the paytable beforehand. It will show you the value of each symbol and paylines. Then select the number of paylines you want to play with and activate them. Don’t forget to set a bet size.

The mechanics behind online slots are pretty simple: find the “Autoplay” mode, click it, and the reels will be spinning effortlessly. You have only to wait for a specific combination of symbols to land on the reels and bring money.


The top-rated games at Australian casinos are slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and craps. You can also find craps among the best casino games played in Australia.

There are hundreds of games available at the Pokiesurf casino: slots by well-known software providers, both 3- and 5-reel ones, American Roulette, Casino Hold’em, French Roulette, Keno+2ball, Fishing God, Blackjack, Fishing War, Royal Roulette, Alien Hunter, BlackJack 3 Hands, Paradise, Baccarat, and Keno Universe.

The Pokisurf casino has a vast collection of slots, table, and card games. Plus, it offers a generous welcome bonus (free spins + free bonus credits) on the first four deposits. Pokiesurf provides multiple banking methods like a credit/debit card and cryptocurrency. Finally, The Pokiesurf casino has 24/7 customer support. It means you can ask for help day and night if you face any problem.

It depends on your aim: if you want to have fun or practice before risking any money, choose a demo version; if you want to earn money and experience an adrenaline rush while gambling, try real money games.

Updated: 4 Jul 2022
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